The Heirloom Collection

The Heirloom Collection, inspired by vintage design, are curated with subtle touches of modern day design for a contemporary and classic style.
Perfect layering necklaces, stackable rings, and chain bracelets to compliment any style and tailor to your wants.
The collection provides pieces that are meant for everyday outfits and occasions, whether it's a day or night out.

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Dome Earrings
Enhance your look by adding a pair of dome earrings.
Perfect for a date night out or for a relaxing night in.
These earrings are lightweight and easy to pair with any outfits.
Knot Earrings
Add a twist to your look with these knot earrings.
Classic yet contemporary, these pairs are perfect for making a bold statement wherever you go.
Lightweight classic door knocker inspired earrings.
Carved Dome Earrings
Hand carved earrings for a classic bold look, also known as the croissant earrings.
The perfect pair to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit and occasion. 
Dome Hoop Earrings
Your everyday classic hoop earrings, but better.
Elegantly designed to wear with your daily look.
Dome Ring
Inspired by Parisian style, make a bold statement and wear the dome ring with confidence.
Make an effortless outfit more elevated and modern. 
Carved Dome Ring
Classic vintage inspired ring, also known to have a croissant shaped design.
Create a subtle, yet statement piece with any look.
Paperclip Toggle Necklace
A uniquely designed necklace to add a timeless elegance.
Curated to compliment any outfit, and can be worn for a simple or refined look.
Perfect for layering or wearing on its own. 
Rope Necklace
Vintage inspired twisted rope chain necklace, made to layer or wear on its own.
This necklace is thick but lightweight enough to wear everyday.
Toggle Charm Necklace
Curated with class and elegance, the toggle charm necklace is best suited to make a simple, yet subtle statement.
Compliments any layering piece to add a more refined touch.
Paperclip Bracelet
Pair this with the paperclip toggle necklace to complete your look.
This timeless fashion will never fade away.

Rope Bracelet
Classic twisted chain bracelet.
Balance between an effortless and sophisticated style, and wear it anytime of the day.

Shop our Heirlooms Collection to elevate your vintage inspired look.
Whether it be the classic rope necklace or the dome earrings, pair the pieces together to complete your outfit. 
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