Personalize with the Epithet Collection

Jewelry that is personal, intimate, and meant to keep your sentiments close.
Add a touch of your own personalized message to create a meaningful piece tailored exclusively for you.
Never have to worry about taking it off, these pieces are meant to last a lifetime. 


Bar Necklace

Choose between different fonts to engrave on the necklace and make it your own.
The Bar Necklace is perfect for layering with different pieces to add a subtle touch of elegance.


Disc Necklace

For a classic and modern feel, choose between the 18mm or 13mm disc necklace.
Personalize a message to have a daily reminder close by.
Perfect for layering or wearing on its own, the disc necklace adds a simple yet statement to your look.



Band Ring

A stackable ring perfect for a simple and minimalistic touch.
Engrave a personalized message on the ring and keep it close to you.


Huggie Earrings

The classic hoop huggie earrings can be paired with any pieces and its versatility is what makes it special.
Meant for any outfit or occasion, the huggie earrings elevates any look.



Signet Ring

Perfect to stack with the band ring or to wear on its own.
The signet ring adds a statement to your outfit wherever you go.
Initialize a special someone on the ring or engrave a message to keep close by.


Lock Necklace

The lock necklace is perfect for those who want to add an additional touch to the necklace.
Engrave a message and add a photo for a daily reminder of that special someone.
The locket necklace can be layered or worn on its own.


Bar Bracelet

Pair the bar bracelet with the bar necklace to complete your look.
For a simple yet refined style, the bar bracelet can be engraved to add a special touch.

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