Meet the Essentials Collection

Timeless, Versatile, and Classic

These pieces are perfect for everyday wear and give off the subtle touch you are looking for.
Pair these pieces with your favorite collection- whether it be the classic curb necklace or the dainty band ring,
it will go with your everyday essentials.
Stainless steel metal with 14k gold, rose gold, or rhodium plating.


Figaro Necklace

Classic, elegant, and refined.
The Figaro necklace can either be worn solo for a reserved look or layered with other necklaces for a statement look.
Depending on what you’re feeling, the Figaro necklace can be worn in various ways.


Curb Necklace

The classic curb chain necklace- similarly to the Figaro,
the curb necklace is a perfect layering piece to add a soft touch to your look.
Never have to take off the curb necklace as it is meant to be your everyday piece.



Hoop Earrings

Add a few hoops for a dainty and subtle touch.
The mini and midi hoops are perfect for being out and about and never have to take off.
These thin, dainty hoops can be paired with other pieces and will complement any outfit or occasion. 


Satellite Necklace

A classic elegant- the dainty necklace you were searching for.
Layer with the curb necklace or can be worn on its own.
A piece that will add a soft and delicate touch, but also can make a statement for your outfit. 


Band Ring, Curb Ring, & Dot Ring

Light, dainty, and poise- a perfect stackable ring to pair with any piece.
Curate various looks with rings from the collection.
Stack on top of one another or wear it individually.


Snake Necklace

Catch subtle hues of light for a long lasting glow with the snake necklace.
Glistens on your neck for a fine touch.


Tube Hoop Earrings

Bold and here to make a statement, but modest to wear everyday.
The tube hoop earrings are lightweight and easy to wear.
Complement this piece with the curb or satellite necklace to add a touch of delicacy. 

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